Engineering Driven Design makes our Clients' lives easier by providing expert engineering services and a broad knowledge base that provides value to any construction project.  Engineering Driven Design provides services to ensure our Clients need to do as little as possible to manage the engineering aspects of projects.


Engineering Driven Design will be a market leader in the Mid-Atlantic consulting engineering market and will be the go-to engineering firm for all engineering-driven projects.  We will be partners with our Clients and their Clients and we will provide engineering services for the life of the Owner to follow up and continuously improve upon buildings.



Communication and Honesty are the basis for the company.  Communication with our Clients regarding potential and current projects.  Honesty with our Clients regarding appropriateness of budgets, scope, and timeframe.


The product that a company provides is the only way a company can be judged.  Our products have a large number of stakeholders and we need to keep all stakeholders in mind while developing and reviewing documents.  The Architect, the Owner, the Contractor, and the myriad of Subcontractors all need to be able to rely on the accuracy and clarity of our products.

What does it mean to be engineering driven?

The Architecture/Engineering industry is led by Architects.  They do a great job managing Clients and projects, but they also spend an inordinate amount of time on engineering- driven projects.  The Architects are an important aspect of any design project, our goal is to limit their effort and exposure on engineering-driven projects and let them focus on the architectural-driven projects.  This company was developed with the concept that we are excellent Engineers and Project Managers and we can help alleviate burdens from Architectural Clients.  That's great, but what type of projects are Engineering Driven?