Our Logo, Demystified

It all has to do with water, power, and energy.

Pipe with a valve

The first, easiest aspect of the logo to explain is the pipe, with a valve.  This is to convey our expertise in plumbing, fire protection, and hydronic design. This is where our water starts, but it does not end here.  As water mixes with air we get the next part of our logo.


Psychrometric chart

The next part is a psychrometric chart, which conveys our expertise in the nuances of heating, ventilating, and air conditioning design. Originally conceived by Willis Carrier, the chart outlines how air and water mix.  Every engineering student learns about this in Thermodynamics (unfortunately, very few actually understand it).  The horizontal axis is based solely on the air temperature.  The vertical axis is based solely on the amount of moisture in the air.  The curved left/top side is the saturation curve of the air/water mixture.  Then there are the lines.  The diagonal lines are the enthalpy lines that depict how much enthalpy the air/water mixture has.  This is similar to thinking of the energy in the air.


Electric power transformer

Along the same lines as energy, these lines lead to the final component.  This final component is the single line diagram representation of an electrical power transformer.  One of the two major components that tilted the scale from direct current power distribution to alternating current.  The transformer couples two sets of windings and take one alternating current voltage and converts it to another alternating current voltage in an efficient manner.  The transformer conveys our expertise with electrical engineering design.

It takes all of these three aspects to provide a complete, coordinated engineering design.  Any engineering driven design requires all of these.  Let us worry about these systems while we put your project on the road driven to success!