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Construction Document Quality Review

There are times when design teams are pushed too far, too quickly and there is no time for internal coordination and internal reviews.  Our services will take the construction documents and provide a completed review of the MEP&FP drawings with comments quickly and cost effectively.

Whether it is your firm looking to have the documents reviewed, or if it is a firm that you engaged to provide services to you, we are here to help.

Setup Fee   $200 per project
$50 per MEP&FP drawing up to 25 drawings
$30 per MEP&FP drawing for drawings 26-100
$20 per MEP&FP drawing for drawings 101 and up. For example, if your project has 151 MEP&FP drawings, the cost would be $200+($50*25)+($30*75)+($20*51)

For prompt service, provide all trades including Architectural, Civil, Structural, and MEP&FP in .pdf format along with the specifications in .pdf format.  We will respond right away with a proposal.