Wardlaw-Hartridge School– Edison, NJ

The Wardlaw-Hartridge private school in Edison, New Jersey was founded in 1882.  Over the years the school has expanded and now has a sprawling structure on the campus with a multi-faceted heating, ventilating, and air conditioning system for the various portions of the building.  A concern was raised that with the large number of hot water heating coils in rooftop equipment and in air handling units with outdoor air connections that during a power outage there is a potential for freezing of the hot water system.  A study was performed to determine the anticipated sizing, distribution, and ultimately size of a standby generator to power the boiler plants, circulator pumps, and miscellaneous heating controls in order to keep the hot water heated and flowing during a power outage.  The School took the study and compared it with the cost of installing a glycol solution in the boiler plants and is budgeting for a future project.


Project Facts

  • Private School
  • Pre-K through 12
  • Electrical Generator Study